Help & Guide Line

Yes, we do. Most of our products are directly imported from the manufacturer. So we can ensure its 100% authentisity.

Mostly, every product has their unique labels and QR code. Just by scaning the QR code you can be sure that if the product is authentic or not.

Yes, we offer fast home delivery. Mostly we deliver product within 2-3 hours.

In just simple 3 steps you can order from our website, 1) Choose your desired products, 2) Choose your location, 3) Get your products delivered within 2-3 hours. And pay with cash on delivery.

Currently we offer only cash on delivery.

Sorry, currently we are deliviring only with the area of Tongi college gate, Shafiudding road, Hossain Market, Cherag Ali, Shutorongo road, Muckter Bari, Rosulbag and Khapara.

It depends on the area.

Our shop location is: Holding No-54, SS Academy Road, Tongi College Rd, Tongi

Definitly yes, You just have to provide your members number in the checkout page.

For more information please contact with us